Friday, February 15, 2013

Video Blog Tip #1: How to Sell an Indianapolis House for the Most Money

Follow me each week for 5, no-fail, do-it-yourself tips to sell your house for the MOST amount of money!  ***Plus, don't miss my BONUS tip #6 at the end of the series!

It's a question I'm asked all the time: "How do I get my house ready to sell?" The answers are in the video!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Kid President Speaks to Indianapolis: Be Awesome

Yes, it's very simple: Be Awesome. I try my best to be awesome as do my colleagues at The Indy Real Estate Experts. So, let's all be awesome together in Indianapolis!

Here's a fantastic, cute, motivational video from "The Kid President" that's gone viral on YouTube and is a big Internet hit. Please watch and enjoy:)

And don't forget the important lines from this video: "Not cool, Robert Frost" and "Don't Stop Believin'...Unless the Dream is Stupid." - Journey

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Indianapolis Certified Senior Housing Professional/Real Estate Broker

In addition to recently finishing courses which officially designated me as a real estate broker in the state of Indiana, I'm also honored to have been named a Certified Senior Housing Professional by the Seniors Real Estate Institute.

This intense course and designation allows me to even better serve one of the demographics and people that I care deeply about in the Indianapolis area: senior citizens and their caregiver families.

Here's a video with a bit more explanation.