Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to Mulch Indianapolis Style

by: Lisa Kaplan Gordon

Published: April 23, 2012

Anyone can learn how to mulch and prolong the life of their landscaping. Here’s how.

But you should blanket your garden beds at least twice a year -- in early spring and late fall — to retain moisture and keep down weeds. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to mulch correctly.

How much is enough?

If you’re a numbers geek, try this method:

To determine how much mulch you’ll need, multiply the length and width of your garden space (in feet) by the mulch height (about 3 inches, or a quarter of a foot) to get total cubic feet.

Bagged mulch is sold by the cubic foot. To figure the number of bags, divide total cubic feet by the number of cubic feet in each bag.

Bulk mulch is sold by the yard. To figure the number of yards, divide the total cubic feet by
27 (there are 27 cubic feet to 1 cubic yard).

If all that makes you want to pull out your hair, just use one of these easy mulch calculators: features a calculator that tells you how many bags or trucks of mulch you’ll need.

Colorbiotics Mulch Tool (iPhone, iPad: free): Not only calculates how many cubic yards or bags of mulch you need, it also helps you pick the mulch color that looks best around your house.

Material Calculator (Droid: $1.99): Calculates how much mulch — and sand, gravel, stone dust, topsoil — you need, and converts from English to metric units.

Bags or bulk?

It depends on what’s more valuable to you -- time or money.

If you want to save money, then bulk is the way to go. In Virginia, for instance, shredded hardwood mulch in bags costs about $50/cubic yard; bulk is $30/cubic yard -- about a 40% savings.

Also, delivering bulk mulch, where trucks just dump and run, is about 25% less expensive than delivering bags, which someone has to drag and stack.

If you want to save time, mulch by the bag is for you.

Bags are easy to carry to and spread on garden beds. Just rip and dump.
Extra bags are easily stacked and stored.
You don’t have to sweep up after a bag delivery; you will after a bulk delivery.
Spreading the wealth

Spreading mulch isn’t a NASA launch: precision is not required, says Kevin Warhurst of Merrifield Garden Center in Virginia. But you must follow a few guidelines.

Pile on 2 to 4 inches of mulch. If you mulch regularly, and several inches have built up, add only 1 inch as top dressing, or remove all mulch, and start fresh. Too much mulch can trap moisture and cause rot, or prevent water from reaching roots.

Never pile mulch next to a tree or shrub trunk, which can cause wood rot and foster insect and fungus problems.

To get rid of weeds, put down a pre-emergent herbicide, newspaper, or landscaping paper before mulching.
Spread mulch by hand, which gives beds a neat and finished look. If you must use a tool, use a pitchfork, good for moving mulch into and out of the wheelbarrow. Move the tool side to side to even out mulch. Or, use the back of a steel rake to smooth out the mulch. (Tip: Use a snow shovel to move bulk mulch from pile to wheelbarrow.)

Never leave mulch on lower branches and leaves, a telltale sign of careless work.

Want free mulch?

Learn how to mulch leaves that overwinter on your lawn and pile up during fall. Leaves make an excellent garden mulch, or rig your mower for mulching and chew them up to feed your lawn.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Noblesville, Indiana House for Sale: 10251 Cumberland Pointe Boulevard

Our Featured Home for Sale from The Indy Real Estate Experts

C'mon Noblesville! If you're looking for a stellar home at a great price point, then this charmer is an awesome house that you must see. Even if you're not ready to move, we sure would appreciate it if you'd pass along this blog post to someone considering the purchase of a new home in Noblesville.

Located in The Horizons at Cumberland Pointe. Welcome home to the best lot in the neighborhood! Minutes from the interstate, shopping, restaurants, and entertainment...the community park is within walking distance too! You'll love the space this home has to offer- 2 living areas, large bedrooms, and lots of closet space to store your possessions. It's a great deal to be had! This featured home won't last long, so don't wait!

The master bedroom is spacious

The pantry and walk-in closet offer excellent storage space

The kids' bedroom is ready to take care of its' next child!

Watch the Video Tour Below

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Indianapolis Fish Fry: Perry Township Kiwanis, July 19-20, 2013

Here's an event that's near and dear to my heart! As a member of the Perry Township Kiwanis Club, I've had a blast the last several years helping with this vital event.

And as the President-elect of the Kiwanis, I'll soon be enjoying a whole new level of work and responsibility! I hope you'll come visit us for the fish fry the weekend of July 19-20 and don't forget that you can pre-order tickets online. And thanks to Ann C. Smith for putting together this excellent press release for us. - Lisa Parrett

The Kiwanis Club of Perry Township will hold its annual fish fry on Friday, July 19, and Saturday, July 20, in the air-conditioned Baxter YMCA pavilion, 7900 S. Shelby St. Hours for both days will be 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eat-in and drive-thru dining will be available both days. The south side tradition is celebrating its 28th year.

A number of improvements are being introduced this year. Customers will now be able to charge the $8 dinner on their credit card (only for inside dining). Advance tickets can now be obtained online at for $7 plus a service fee. Businesses that purchased advertising to support the event are now gaining additional exposure through social media, video blogs, and a new sponsorship booklet.

If you're not a fan of fish, you can also choose City Barbeque or chicken. Dinners include french fries, cole slaw, and choice of drink - either Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, or water.

“This is the biggest fundraiser of the year for our club,” said President Max Oldham, “and we are pleased to be able to offer fresh, home-cooked meals at the same price we have had for several years. We are excited about the new improvements we’re introducing that we believe will enhance the experience for our customers and advertisers.”

Diners are encouraged to bring canned goods to donate to Hunger, Inc., a food pantry serving Perry Township. Proceeds from the fish fry also support many other local programs throughout the year, including RISE Learning Center, Baxter YMCA, Riley Hospital for Children, Perry Senior Citizens, and others. In addition, the club awards college scholarships to Perry Township high school students. The Kiwanis Club of Perry Township was formed in 1982.

Many hours of preparation and teamwork go into this popular event, he added. “Dinners are prepared and served by over 100 persons, including club members and volunteers from the school-age counterparts of Kiwanis: Circle K, Key Club and K-Kids, along with Aktion Club, Perry Senior Citizens, the Boy Scouts and other organizations."

The Perry Township Kiwanis Club meets at the IHOP restaurant, 7521 U.S. 31 South, Thursdays at 7 a.m. Contact Max Oldham, President, at 908-6880 for more information about the club.

Fish Fry Supporter

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Indianapolis Video Blog: What to Know Before Hiring a Real Estate Agent

The difference between reputable and professional real estate agents and those who fly a bit under the radar can be remarkable. Please keep in mind that by FAR, the VAST majority of Realtors are sharp, dedicated professionals. But, just like in any business, a few bad apples occasionally show up, especially in times like these when the real estate market across Indianapolis is beginning to boom! Here are a few things to reference as you look for an Indianapolis, Indiana Realtor or a housing professional anywhere across Central Indiana.

Click the Link Below for "10 Questions to Ask a Realtor Before Hiring Them"