Thursday, August 23, 2012

Indianapolis 2012 Labor Day Events Guide

Whether you're a railway worker, an administrative assistant in Fishers, an Indianapolis real estate agent, a Carmel financial advisor, a Noblesville truck driver or any of a thousand other occupations across Central Indiana, Labor Day 2012 is a chance for you to say goodbye to summer and enjoy a day of fun and relaxation away from the strain of labor. I've compiled a list of just a few things for you to do in the greater Indianapolis area. if you have an event you'd like for me to list and promote on my Facebook and Twitter feeds, just let me know here.

August 29- September 3, 2012: It's the oldest, richest, and arguably, the most prestigious drag racing event in the world, and it'll be center stage in Indianapolis for Labor Day weekend 2012. The Mac Tools U.S. Nationals serves as the final race to determine the field for the NHRA Full Throttle Countdown to the Championship. Championship points and a shot at the title will be on the line with every qualifying and eliminations drag run.

Kids 12 and under get in free. Check out 6 days of racing fun at Lucas Oil Raceway, 10267 U.S. Hwy. 136, Indianapolis, IN 46234

August 31, 2012 thru September 3, 2012: Military Park at White River State Park in Indianapolis is the site for the 16th annual Rib America Festival, a four-day food and music event featuring ten award-winning barbecue teams from throughout the country and national and regional entertainment. It's also chocked full of star power with concerts from well-known artists including Eddie Money, Blue Oyster Cult, George Clinton and Parliament/Funkadelic, Cheap Trick, Night Ranger, and Tesla.

The ribs and music start cooking Friday night, August 31, 2012 and the entertainment and food runs through Labor Day itself.

Admission: $7, after 5 p.m. Friday and after 3 p.m. Saturday, Sunday and Monday; free all other times. Children 12 and younger admitted free at all times. The event is held rain or shine.

Saturday, September 1, 2012: When you think of Labor Day, don't you always think of KISS and Motley Crue? Well, of course, you do. One of the biggest and most-anticipated tours of the summer arrives in Indianapolis (Noblesville) as we say goodbye to summer...but better late than never, right?

Whether you grew up on KISS in the 1970's or the Crue in the 1980's, this is a must-see show for any true, glitz and glam headbanger.

Sunday, September 2, 2012: Celebrate Slovenian heritage with music, food, beer and polkas! Mass at noon. The Slovenian Festival serves the best and finest sausage produced locally by Yaggers Conservation and La┼íko Pivo (beer). Other refreshments include Slovenian dishes such as Potica.

The Slovenian National Home organizes this event and has been a cultural organization since 1918 within the Haughville neighborhood on the West side of Indianapolis.

Cost: $5; free, children 16 and under.

Saturday, September 1, 2012, 7:00 AM. Indianapolis Women's Half Marathon and 5K.

A scenic, flat course event to benefit Girls on the Run, a nonprofit organization. Entry fee is $20-60 depending upon registration date.

Location: Hyatt Regency Hotel, 1 South Capitol Avenue, Indianapolis, Marion County.

Show Indianapolis the Strength of Labor! Join us for the 2012 Labor Day Parade:

Saturday, September 1st
Parade Line Up: 9:00am
Parade Step Off: 11:00am

Downtown Indianapolis (Step Off will be at the corner of North and Pennsylvania)

Guest speakers, music, food, raffles & lots of solidarity!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Is Your Work Soul-Filling or Soul-Sucking?

The old phrase is "do what you love and the money will follow." But, of course, it's far too easy to slip into an enslaving routine. You get the job out of college, along come the kids, a relationship, a mortgage, and responsibility that doesn't seem all that interested in letting you out of its' grip.

Certainly, there's nothing wrong with all that and it can be very fulfilling. Buying a home, investing in real estate, loving your children...that's good stuff.

But along the way, perhaps you realize, something has gone wrong. Whether you work in a highrise in downtown Indianapolis, a building along the freeway in Fishers or anywhere else in Indiana, something is missing. You don't love your job.

I'm very fortunate. I love my work as an Indianapolis real estate agent. But I know plenty of people that spend their workday in misery, doing nothing but daydreaming about the weekend and the next vacation.

The daily grind of earning an income has gone from soul-filling to soul-sucking. Now what?

I came across an article the other day from life and business coach Allison Crow that I forwarded to a few friends and I thought I'd share some of the advice on my blog as well. Here's how to find a job in Indianapolis, or begin a new career in Indiana, that will fill your soul, rather than destroy it.

1) Open your mind to possibility. Don't think about whether or not it's feasible. Consider every chance for a new career and try to find reasons why it WILL work rather than why it will NOT. This is your opportunity to do what you really want to do.

2) Some of you may not believe in such things, but give it a shot anyway. Develop a relationship with your inner voice and wisdom. You may wish to call it God. Or perhaps you wish to think of it as only your inner soul speaking to you. But learn to listen to it. It can be a very small whisper, but don't confuse it with the voice of the negative outside world that's filled with guilt, shame and criticism. Just listen for the truth of what your soul tells you...the answer is that it's really nothing more than what you really want and what you know you were born to be.

3) Understand your deepest core values and what motivates you. This provides core support in the decision-making process and helps you to understand what path you truly should take.

4) What completely excites you? What is your passion?

5) Begin to gather evidence of people that are doing exactly what you want to do. Learn about their success and what obstacles they had to overcome. Don't allow yourself to be beaten into submission as to why it WON'T work. In most cases, the people that have achieved what you wish to achieve had to fight their way through the same fears.

6) Remember that fear is your biggest enemy. Nothing destroys more dreams and more lives than FEAR. Absolutely nothing.

7) Stop doing anything that kills your energy and talent. This includes all the bad stuff; nicotine that sucks away your energy, too much alcohol, illicit drugs, or overeating. Allow your energy and talent the opportunity to thrive.

8) Surround yourself with people who ARE doing their Soul-Full work. No matter where you live, you can find them. They belong to the same special-interest groups and clubs in your city that you can also join. Don't be afraid to foster those new friendships. You'll be absolutely amazed at how much your energy and talent grows when you surround it with people who are doing the same. It's fascinating!

There you go. Just a few tips to get you started. I'd love to hear your feedback!


Friday, August 10, 2012

Video: Indianapolis Cultural Overview 2012

Indianapolis, Indiana Homes for Sale

Here's a pretty cool video that explains the coming-of-age of Indianapolis and why we're all so proud to live here.

Thinking about buying or selling a home in Indianapolis? Learn More About How I Can Help

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Deals, Steals and Discounts at the 2012 Indiana State Fair

Hey, we all love to save money, right? So, if cash is tight but you still want to hit the Indiana State Fair, I thought I'd put together a list of some of the days and ways in which you can enjoy the great fair in Indianapolis on the cheap.

1) Get into the fair this Tuesday, August 14 on Turkey Hill Dairy Day for only $2. You'll need to print out a voucher from their website here.

2) $2 Taste of the State Fair: On Tuesday, August 14, concessionaires all across the fairgrounds will provide servings of some of their items for only $2. It's a perfect way to enjoy all that yummy fair food at a great discount.

3) Saturday August 11 is Hoosier Lottery Day. Trade in your fair admission ticket stub for a free Hoosier lottery ticket from 10 am to 7 pm at Lotto Town at the Hoosier Lottery Grandstand.

4) IPL Carload Day: Families and groups of friends traveling to the fair together will want to take advantage of this offer on Monday, Aug. 13. Admission is only $15 per vehicle for up to 10 people with voucher printed from their website here.

5) All seniors, age 55 and older, can ride the tractor shuttles around the Fairgrounds for just $3 per day when they purchase a special wristband at the State Fair Information Booth located on State Fair Blvd. and at the Prairie Farms Information Booth located in Pioneer Village. On Golden Hoosiers’ Day, Aug. 14, seniors can ride the tractor shuttles for free.

6) AAA DAY: Indiana AAA members receive free admission on Aug. 16 when they show their valid membership card at the gate. One valid AAA card per person.

7)Free Admission for Military Personnel and Families: The State Fair is honoring current and former members of the Armed Forces by offering free admission for them and family members on Thursday, Aug. 16 , with presentation of a military I.D.

Friday, August 3, 2012

How to Sell Your Indianapolis Home in 43 Days or Less


A real estate colleague and mentor of mine recently detailed for me how she sold her personal home after only 43 days on the market to a cash buyer and closed in only two weeks. I thought her tips and observations would be beneficial to anyone in the Indianapolis area thinking about - or currently attempting to - sell their home.

If I may toot my own horn for a quick moment, it's also a good example of how I constantly network and am looking for the best ways for my clients to sell a home in Indianapolis in the least amount of time and for the most money.

My mentor's name is Nikki and she says that it took a combination of only 3 things to sell her home so quickly.

1) She Priced it According to the Market: 

Nikki researched the listing to sales price ratio in her city so she had solid knowledge of where to start and the likely number that would survive after completing negotiations. The first two offers were low, but the third, after negotiations, arrived at exactly the number she expected.

2) Stage it Like a Show Home:     

Nikki was diligent in having the home clean, well-kept and sparkling like a show home, an attribute highlighted in all of the online marketing and virtual tours for the property. Even though a few elements of the home were outdated, the curb appeal was bright. There was no mechanical maintenance necessary, and the buyer noted that all he had to invest in was a bit of cosmetic work. Most importantly, the house was priced to reflect that.

3) Have a Rock Star Real Estate Agent

Nikki's agent did all the right things. The potential buyer, a lead from the Internet, was called back immediately. The agent pre-qualified the prospect, conducted a needs analysis, got him excited about the property, and created a sense of urgency. After negotiations, the contract was initiated within 24 hours. The bottom line here is that a professional real estate agent, one with a wealth of experience, is a necessity when it comes to selling your home in the least amount of time and for the most money.

Nikki's success story is motivational and a great example of how selling a home doesn't have to be a long, drawn-out, frustrating process.

If you're thinking about selling your home in Indianapolis or anywhere around Indy, I'd love to help you build your own success story to rival Nikki's!

Call me at 317-246-9966 or mail