Monday, November 23, 2015

{Video} Indianapolis Real Estate Information: How Much Money Do I Need to Buy a House?

by Lisa Treadwell

Maybe you've decided to start searching for a list of Indianapolis houses for sale. Perhaps you're ready to get busy and find a good real estate agent.

Thinking About Buying or Selling an Indianapolis House in 2016?
Then, Let's Get Ready!

But how much money do you really need? What are the closing costs to buy a house? Then you ask yourself "How much is the average down payment to buy a house?" and "How much of a mortgage payment can I afford?"

The Indy Real Estate Experts

I answer a few of those questions and a couple that maybe you haven't thought of in the video below:

Obviously, if you're contemplating searching for houses to buy in Indianapolis, you'll have even more questions than this. Contact me for a no-obligation chat and analysis of your situation.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Indianapolis Real Estate Agent Reviews/Realtor Recommendations: Indy Real Estate Experts

by Lisa Treadwell

Congratulations to our Lead Buyer Expert, Jess Martin, for the excellent work she provided this buying client and the great review on Zillow. If you're wondering "how to find a good real estate agent" in Indianapolis, here you go.

Summary of their experience

"Jess Martin was a true real estate expert. Our experience was perfect! We moved from NC not knowing anything about Indianapolis. The initial search was scary but eventually we found Jess on Zillow and after the first conversation knew she was going to be helpful. She was patient, listened and understood our expectations, and more importantly, she knew the city very well! By the end of the process we trusted her and ended up with a home in a budding part of southern broad ripple that has everything we asked for, within budget, and is near amazing restaurants and breweries (which she knew we were into). We are truly lucky to have had Jess in our corner as we are beginning our new chapter in the perfect home!! I have already recommended her to our neighbors and will use her again if we ever need to move. Although I hope that's not the case because we love it here!"

Indy Real Estate Experts reviews

Saturday, November 7, 2015

{Video} When Should I Start the Home Buying Process?

by Lisa Treadwell

Maybe you're ready to start looking for Indianapolis real estate or Indianapolis houses for sale. However, it's likely that you need to time out your search to coincide with something else (like the sale of your current house). My video below explains what to consider.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Join Us and Be a Part of Indy Do Day, October 1-3, 2015 with the Rotary Club of Indianapolis

by Lisa Treadwell

Once again, all of us at The Indy Real Estate Experts are looking forward to being a part of Indy Do Day and we hope you'll take part too!

It's an awesome opportunity to join with others and give back to our city. If you or your business or organization haven't yet registered for a project, now is the time.

Indy Do Day runs October 1-3, 2015 and you can set up your own project or take part in one that's already being organized. Click here to scan the list of available projects or, yes, brainstorm your own.

This year, our Indy Real Estate Experts team will join with our friends in the Rotary Under 40 group and be on the job at the Wheeler Mission, contributing to their efforts to help the hungry and homeless in Indianapolis.

Last year we spent the day at the Good Samaritan Network of Hamilton County and I'd really like to encourage YOU to also enjoy the happiness and sense of fulfillment that comes from helping fantastic organizations like these help others.

Indy Do Day is a community partnership led by the Rotary Club of Indianapolis (of which I am a proud member) and is part of the Rotary's ongoing effort to build and sustain the health of our area. 

Join us and be a part of Indy Do Day 2015

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

July 2015 Indiana Housing Data/Statistics/Information: Are You Asking "How Much is My Indianapolis House Worth?"

by Lisa Treadwell

Yes, it's absolutely true. The seller's market for homes continues across Indianapolis, Central Indiana, and all of the state. Bottom line? If you're contemplating whether or not to sell a house, this is clearly an ideal time.

"The latest Indiana Real Estate Markets Report shows July 2015 outperformed last July in all but one category," writes the Indiana Association of REALTORS.

• Median sale price of homes increased 6.1 percent to $140,000.
• Average sale price increased 7.1 percent to $170,274.
• Percentage of original list price received increased 0.3 percent to 94.9 percent.
• Pending home sales increased 5.9 percent to 7,459.
• Closed home sales increased 8.6 percent to 8,476.
• Number of new listings decreased 6.2 percent to 11,188.

Have Questions About Buying or Selling a House in Central Indiana?

“Low mortgage rates are empowering consumers across the state to invest in housing,” said Bruce Bright, 2015 President of the Indiana Association of REALTORS®. “It’s a great time to be a seller. Despite fewer listings and rising prices, buyer demand is not letting up. Low inventory means buyers have to move fast when they find the right home."


Great Investment Property 
Perfect for a Flip

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Five Ways to Get Young Kids to Sleep in Their Own Bed

by Lisa Treadwell

I recently asked friends on my personal Facebook page the following question:

"Any ideas on how to get our 5 year-old to sleep through the night....and in her own bed? The struggle is real at this point. Mama needs sleep or it could get ugly over here.."

I received a bunch of great responses and thought I'd share some of the ideas (and examples) here in this space as a resource for other parents with the same problem. And, of course, some of these examples can be used as tool for other Indianapolis parents in need of "behavioral-modification" techniques for their munchkins.

Violet: (Read her a) Bedtime story, and talk about her sleeping in her own bed ALL night. Take her back to her bed each and every time she crawls into your bed, be consistent and DO NOT GIVE IN!

Jamar: Sticker chart. This helped end bed-wetting and crying when going from one parent to the other. I made a sheet and put five spaces on it. Every night she didn't wet, she got a sticker. Once she hit five, she got a small prize. 

That was 10 months ago and she hasn't wet once since. The same principle could work for the number of nights your daughter stays in her own bed!

Jamar's Sticker Chart

Lori: Books and a flashlight...make it fun! If she has a favorite doll or stuffed animal, have her "read" her story to them using the flashlight. P.S. Buy lots of batteries! After a few nights, she will be sleeping and you will be turning off the flashlight! It's her "big-girl" moment, so post these accomplishments on your refrigerator for the family to celebrate with her. Plus, offer lots of hugs and reassuring.

Erica: Let her know that it's time that she sleeps in her own bed all night. Someone else said consistency, and I say AMEN to that! Remember, you are the boss! She is not! If she gets up at night and plays in her room, you might have to remove the toys. If there's noting to play with, she'll get bored and go back to bed. Most importantly, be the BOSS!

Andy: Duct stops all sort of things from moving that need to be still. 

The Solution

I decided to avoid Andy's suggestion concerning duct tape and instead went with Jamar's proven example concerning a chart and stickers. 

And, yes, it's working already! When she receives 10 stickers, she gets a PRIZE! Two days down and so far, so good.

Thanks Jamar!

Jamar: Wow! How cool! And she already has stickers. Congrats!

Mike: My little girl had a wooden train set. When she got stickers she got to paint another part of it.

Lisa: Thanks to all of you for your comments and ideas!


A nice investment property or Indianapolis house to flip.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Northwest Indianapolis/Washington Township House for Sale

Washington Township House for Sale from The Indy Real Estate Experts

This mid-century ranch is located on the northwest side of Indianapolis

Northwest Indy house for sale priced at $134,900

1325 Alimingo Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46260

One and a half baths 

Three bedroom Indianapolis house for sale

A ranch-style house for sale in Northwest Indy

Marion County, Indiana fixer-upper

Check out these awesome light fixtures!

If you're looking for an investment property or DIY fixer-upper on the Northwest side of Indianapolis, this is for you!

Mid-century ranch waiting for your updating ideas! This home has such wonderful potential for the DIY buyer, the flipper, investor, or anyone else who loves renovation, design, and mid-century. Updates include roof and gutters 2006, HVAC in 2009, and some replaced plumbing. The rest is waiting for just the right buyer to make this lovely home come back to life. Location is perfect, so once this home is restored back to it's original greatness, the opportunities abound! Don't miss it!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Our Favorites: A Few of the Best Meridian Kessler Restaurants

by Lisa Treadwell

In addition to our expertise in helping people buy and sell houses across the Indianapolis area (including houses for sale in Meridian Kessler), we - the hungry troubadours of The Indy Real Estate Experts - like to think of ourselves as experts in great food and dining experiences.

As such, I thought we'd put together a quick list of some of the best food and restaurants in the Meridian Kessler area.

FYI, these are not full "reviews"; just a quick note on some of their highlights:

4907 N College Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46205

A bit of a Broad Ripple atmosphere and a definite feel of trendy and cool rather than "intimate." Which, of course, is fine depending on your mood. This treat is quite unique:

Egg Salad Tartine 
Iberico ham, frisée and pine nuts

4923 N College Ave

They're known as a hockey and beer bar, but move beyond that traditional "working class" mode with a bit of a hipster vibe and even a big selection of vegan items. Essentially, it's a menu that will satisfy parties with both vegans and carnivores in the group.

Smoked Pork Salad

653 E. 52nd Street

Chai and chai tea are a big part of the ambiance of this relatively new gem in Meridian Kessler. The Thai Coconut Soup is a big hit as is the brunch favorite, the SoBro Skillet.

Kale, goat cheese, braggs, and free range eggs make up the SoBro skillet

5215 N College Ave

Everyone loves brunch here, but you can't go wrong at any time of the day. Incredible Latin American cuisine ranging from Dominican to Peruvian to Cuban to Ecuadorian and beyond!

Scallop Tacos...chile-orange scallops, jicama pico, cucumber-basil purée, radishes, & balsamic onions

Need advice on buying or selling a house in Indianapolis from Meridian Kessler to Broad Ripple to Fishers? 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Nothing Says "Thank You" Like a Fruit Bouquet: Indianapolis Realtor Reviews

Isn't this nice? And doesn't it look yummy?!

It's a lovely fruit bouquet with a great thank you note sent by a stellar client of The Indy Real Estate Experts.

Thank you, Lourdes! We were thrilled to help you find the right house to buy in Indianapolis.

Thinking about buying or selling a house in Indianapolis or Central Indiana?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Avon, Indiana Open House: The Next Four Sundays (May 31-June 21)

Don't be shy! Interested in buying a house in Avon, Indiana?

Feel free to stop by and visit with Indy Real Estate Expert Evan Bishop as he holds an Open House the next four Sundays (May 31, June 7, June 14, and June 21, 2015.

9722 Centennial Ct. Avon, IN 46123


Three Bedrooms, Two Baths