Thursday, September 13, 2012

Info on 2012 Fall Midwest Fashion Week in Indianapolis

Midwest Fashion Week in Indianapolis. What does it mean to you? How about this?

Fashion is cool, it's beautiful and we all can enjoy it, regardless of our culture or financial station in life! This is one of those weeks that says yeah, you'd better believe Indianapolis does indeed look great, baby!

The week of October 18-20, 2012 will mark the latest version of Midwest Fashion Week (MFW), a highlight of the fall for the uber fashion-conscious in Indy and a taste of our town that showcases the style that this city has come to exhibit.

Midwest Fashion Week began in 2006 when Catou fashion designer Berny Martin, saw a need for a Midwest outlet to showcase local, national, and international designers, models, stylists, and photographers. Raising money for a local charity is a priority of the event and a portion of the proceeds from this fall's bash will benefit a local organization.

Part of the goal is for MFW to serve as a vehicle that will educate midwesterners on how fashion is present in all avenues of life and plays a part in all culture, regardless of demographic or income.

And, as a woman and professional who loves nothing better than spending a couple of quality hours in the chair at WiP downtown, I wanted to showcase some of the awesome work that WIP has been doing with MFW over the years. WiP downtown has been the lone hair salon involved in the event since its' inception and does phenomenal work on the models. Here are some examples:

By the way, whenever my hair is looking especially great, just ask me if I've just been to WiP downtown! (The answer is probably yes!)

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