Thursday, May 12, 2016

Indianapolis Arthritis Foundation & the Juvenile Arthritis Warriors Camp

by Lisa Treadwell

I'm sharing this for two reasons:

  • To help spread word of the Indianapolis Arthritis Foundations' Juvenile Arthritis Warriors Camp. 
  • To remind members of the Rotary Club of Indianapolis' "Under 40 Group" of the service project scheduled for Wednesday, May 18, 2016.

The Arthritis Foundation, Indiana is hosting its first ever Juvenile Arthritis Warriors Camp this summer. Arthritis Foundation camps provide a safe and secure camp experience for children and teens with juvenile arthritis and childhood rheumatic diseases. JA camps are medically supervised - healthcare professionals are on site to tend to the children’s needs.

The Rotary Club of Indianapolis' Under 40 group is going to assist in assembling camper “Survival Kits” which will include the packing of camp supplies into back packs for the campers!

Rotary Club members Jenny Conder, Ashley Craig and Jillian Lain work for the Arthritis Foundation, so let's show our support for them and their organization by showing up to help them with this project!

This volunteer opportunity will be taking place on Wednesday, May 18th from 5-7pm.  Don't worry if you can't make it right at 5 - just show up as early and for as long as you can!

The Arthritis Foundation is located at 615 N. Alabama Street, Suite 430 (Free parking in south lot beside the building, metered street parking is also available).

I also spoke with Jillian Lain of the Arthritis Foundation: 

"There are about 300,000 kids across the nation who have Juvenile Arthritis. In Indiana alone, there are nearly 7,000. Many people don’t realize that kids can get arthritis too, therefore it often goes undiagnosed for some time. Often the side effects include swollen joints, join pain, limited mobility, and intense stiffness," explained Jillian.

"Some of the kids effected by arthritis you probably wouldn’t know by looking at them. Many of them are very mobile one day, and the next not. This can be confusing to their peers at school, and can be hard for kids with arthritis to manage these relationships while trying to explain their disease to those who may not understand.

"Camp is a way for kids to learn about being independent, and sharing their arthritis story with others. By providing this type of camping experience it will help these kids build confidence, learn more about their arthritis, and just be kids for a few days and have fun!"

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