Friday, October 5, 2012

Geist Elementary Gator Gallop with State Farm

The 7th annual Geist Elementary Gator Gallop is on the way October 12, 2012 and is a very cool - and healthy - way for students to raise money for the school without resorting to the traditional means of selling cookies, gift wrap, magazines, and the like.

Each grade level will walk, skip, gallop and limbo their way through a course set-up outside for approximately 30 minutes.

Please consider sponsoring a student if you're approached to help. The goal is to obtain an average of $50 in pledges per student.

Chris Berger and the gang at State Farm Insurance will have the State Farm "Neighbear" on hand to pass out prizes and goodies to the kids. Thanks to State Farm for their support!

The PTO utilizes all money raised from fundraising events to help offset items otherwise cut from the budget due to current economic constraints.

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