Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Helping Indianapolis Working Mom's to Find Balance

The other day I wrote a lengthy post about how to add at least 30 minutes to your day just by taking a few preparatory steps the night before.  So, I've got out everyone's clothes for tomorrow, ironed what needed ironed, the children are bathed, coffee is set for 5am and now I have 15 minutes to write this post, write two real estate offers for clients, and be in bed by 9pm. Whew! I better get going!

I don't think my life has ever been perfectly balanced, but I will say that it hasn't been as balanced as it is now for a long time.  Its hard work, this balance stuff! When us women decided to burn our bras, did we really mean we wanted to work outside the home, inside the home, and all around the community working ourselves into big, incompetent-feeling stress balls?  I don't think that's what the feminist movement was really all about at all.

Having a career in real estate, two kids, a significant other, friends, family, clients, a real estate team, extended family...that's a lot of roles.  If I don't focus on balance at all times, something will suffer.  I'll be honest, sometimes things do go unattended, but you know what?  My world hasn't caved in, my family loves me unconditionally, I continue to learn, grow, and make new friends...I'm okay if something slips through the cracks b/c that's real life.  Things slip through the cracks.

Which leads me to the first major step in establishing balance...

1. Realize things will slip through the cracks and be okay with it.

That's part one of my Five Part Series on Balance.  Stay tuned for more simple tips to establish balance in your life!

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