Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Homeowners: Are You Taking Full Advantage of the American Dream?

Hey, Home buyers!

Are you aware you are eligible for tax exemptions if you are a homeowner? 
It's TRUE!
If you purchased a home in 2012, you have until December 31, 2012 to file your exemptions.  If you are a homeowner and you have never filed your exemptions, you could be missing out on HUGE savings!  Contact me today for more information.  

Some exemptions can now be filed online.  To be sure, please contact your County Assessor directly:
Boone County Auditor |765.482.2940 | 
Hamilton County Auditor | 317.776.8401 |
Hancock County Auditor | 317.477.1105 |
Hendricks County Auditor | 317.745.9300 |
Johnson County Auditor | 317.346.4310 |
Marion County Auditor | 317.327.3001 |
Morgan County Auditor | 765.342.1001 |

For more information, contact me directly or visit our 


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