Friday, December 7, 2012

This Holiday Season, Are You Making Time for Family...and For Yourself?

I started pre-marital counseling with Eric last week-sounds fun, right?  Well it actually went better than expected.  What I got most out of it was an "aha moment" that most of us can relate to.  

Like you, I am a very busy person.  There is always something to do, someplace to be, some deadline, someone to be picked up or taken here or there....the list goes on and on.  Do you feel the same way?  Well...this is my normal state of being.  This is who I am and it will likely not change anytime soon.  Here's the thing, our first session, Eric said he wishes I spent more time with he and the kids.  That's fair, right?

Time is our most precious commodity.   

Who are you giving your time to?  When it comes down to it, there will ALWAYS be some project, assignment, task, goal, email, phone or text message, etc to respond to.  If there wasn't anything to do in life, what sort of life is that, right?  So why do I beat myself up over things that need to get done when my family is requesting more time with me?  If I were to beat myself up over something, it should be that I'm spending so much time away from my much so, that they are asking me for more time.  You know what?

There is nothing more important and lovely to me than my family.  Nothing.  

So why do I put them on the back burner?  Do you do that, too?  Watch the clip below to see how I've chosen to take control of my calendar back and put my family first:



  1. Great video Lisa! I am guilty of the same "shhhshing" of my children!! I will take your lead and not be so stressed if my kids are loud! Family is always number one!