Sunday, November 25, 2012

Are You Losing Business Because of Your Listening?

Are you a good listener? I try to be. I mean, it's crucial in all areas from personal relationships to business. And when your business is about listening to what a client really needs, wants and is saying, good listening skills are vital. Especially when you're a real estate agent and your business is about buying and selling houses in Indianapolis.

So when I saw an email from Cindy Allen-Stuckey that theorized that we only hear 25-40% of what others are saying, my eyes paid attention!

That doesn't seem like a very good number, but I'm guessing that it's probably true. On a personal level, I focus as best I can on what a client has to say - and I think I do a pretty good job of it - but like most of us, I guess it's likely that sometimes I fall into the trap of worrying too much about what I'm going to say next. And that can be a serious impediment to effective listening.

Cindy is the founder of the Central Indiana firm Making Performance Matter, and I'd like to thank her for encouraging me to become an even better listener.

If you'd like to grab a few more tips from Cindy on effective listening skills, check out her video below.

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