Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hey, Sellers in Indianapolis! Its Time to Get Your Property SOLD!

I often tell people that now is the time to the freezing cold Indiana weather.  I couldn't be happier to take on new, motivated sellers this time of year!  There are several reasons why now is the best time to list your Indiana property...
  • LESS COMPETITION!  When you have less competition, your standards don't have to be as high.  Now, don't get me wrong...I require each of my sellers to have a professional staging consultation.  This is a small cost to incur with big rewards, so my motivated sellers are always willing to stage their home to sell.  Think about it, though, less competition on the market means its easier for sellers to stand out b/c the crowd is smaller.
  •  SERIOUS BUYERS LOOK IN THE WINTER MONTHS!  If a buyer is willing to get pre-qualified (we don't show homes to buyers withouth a pre-qualification first...that's a whole other blog topic) and get out there in our freezing Indiana winter, they're not just kickinig tires!  Each showing will matter and sellers won't be frantically cleaning their house up to show for some "buyer" who may just be looking for decorating tips.
  • ONCE THE PROPERTY IS SOLD, ALL THE "SPRING" SELLERS WILL BE PUTTING THEIR HOMES UP FOR SALE, SO IF YOU PLAN TO BUY AGAIN...YOU HAVE THE CREAM OF THE CROP!  The average sales price in this area is about 90 days.  So think about list your home today and it will sell around the end of February/March.  Well....look how you've just positioned yourself!  February/March is after holidays and heading into spring when everyone else starts listing their homes.  Yes, they will likely be buying once they sell their house, too, but they still have to sell and you don't!  You have all the power and all the options!  What a beautiful thing!

So...let's get your property on the market TODAY!  I personally promise not to show your property to anyone who isn't already pre-qualified with a reputable lender.

You have noting to me today to discuss what it will take to get your home SOLD!

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