Thursday, May 31, 2012

Indianapolis Kids Summer Camps 2012

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It's that time of year: the kids are out of school and they're happy. But, of course, it's a whole different story for mom and dad. What, oh what, can one do to ensure both meaningful child care and a positive, enriching summer for the munchkins? In a kid-friendly town like Indianapolis, it comes as no surprise that we're loaded with camping and activity opportunities for the kids.


The YMCA of greater Indianapolis offers both a day camp and an overnight camping sensation for the kids. Their Day Camp options include:

Preschool Camp
Teen Camp
Traditional Day Camp
Fine Arts Camp
Sports Camp
Performing Arts Camp
Enrichment Camp

Meanwhile, the overnight camp is the old-fashioned, roasting marshmallows and sleeping in a cabin type of experience. Try Flat Rock River YMCA Summer Camp at the Ruth Lilly YMCA Outdoor Center (45 minutes from Indianapolis). Flat Rock welcomes children ages 7-16 for varying session lengths.

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The IUPUI Sport Complex Summer Day Camp offers children ages 5-12 an opportunity to explore many different sports and activities taught in a safe, non-competitive environment. Summer Day Camp is held in the facilities of the IUPUI Sport Complex.

Summer Day Camp Sport Rotations

Week 1: All-Star Track, Soccer, Archery                   Week 6: Kickball, Tag Mania, Archery
Week 2: Kickball, Tag Mania, Golf                           Week 7: Baseball/Softball, Boot Camp, Lacrosse
Week 3: Baseball/Softball, Boot Camp, Lacrosse  Week 8: Volleyball, Basketball, All-Star Track
Week 4: Volleyball, Basketball, Archery                   Week 9: Archery, Tag Mania, Soccer
Week 5: All-Star Track, Soccer, Golf

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Children's Museum of Indianapolis

The Children's Museum offers youth an affordable, curriculum-based summer program. StarPoint Summer Camp is a unique, six week long camp available to ages 6–12. Each week is themed according to an extraordinary exhibit or element in the Museum and the curriculum is developed by trained museum educators.

Session 1: June 18-July 6

Week 1:   The Power of You
Week 2:   Flight Adventures
Week 3:   Hot Wheels

Session 2: July 9-July 27

Week 4:  Away We Go!
Week 5:  Cretaceous Creatures
Week 6:  Studio of Colors

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