Friday, May 25, 2012

The Indy 500 Party & Humor Blog 2013

Living in Indianapolis has it's benefits; among them the frenzy and fun of being a part of the biggest and most famous auto race in the world: the Indianapolis 500.

As an Indianapolis, Indiana real estate agent, I love helping people sell and/or move into beautiful new homes. I love it even more when they invite me to parties at their new house - especially Indy 500 bashes! If you're throwing a race party this year and need some decoration, food or overall fun ideas, I've put together a few ideas here, culled from a variety of other sources, to help make your party stand out.


Top 10 Indianapolis 500 Driver Pet Peeves

from Late Night with David Letterman

10. Radio loses FM signal in fourth turn.

9. You crash going 200 mph and you end up in a Marv Albert blooper reel.

8. Suction cup Garfield blocks view of track.

7. Going fast is scary!

6. Having to take a leak with 100 laps left.

5. Forgetting to remove "the Club" before the race starts.

4. When the tape player eats your "Chorus Line" cassette before you've even gone 50 laps.

3. People who pronounce it "Grand Prix."

2. When wife says you lack viscosity.

1. Potholes.

Party Favors:

Give each guest a diecast race car with a balloon tied to it. The kids will love it when mom and dad get home after the party.

Checkered Flag Sheet Cake

OK, yes, it's a bit of work, but a talented cake decorator (if you have one in your family) can put this together relatively easily and quickly. Just lay out the sheet cake, frost it like a checkered flag, and adorn it with tiny race cars. I bet you can probably even find one at a local grocery or bake shop.

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Come up with a few prizes to give away for whoever is dressed in the best Indy 500 or racing get-up. Other contests can surround each guest estimating the number of crashes that will take place or how many yellow flags are induced.


Look around the house or garage. As an Indianapolis resident, have you accumulated any Indy 500 memorabilia or promotional items over the years? Racing flags, checkered prints, commemorative cans and bottles, posters, newspapers and any of a multitude of racing-oriented items are distributed to the public every year. See what you can find and sit it out!


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